Thursday, 8 September 2011

Avoid Eating Up Profits

Food-service profit margins are thin, placing every food service operator under constant pressure to control costs and eliminate waste. In an ongoing balancing act, he or she must watch everything from food costs, waste, spoilage and over-use of expensive ingredients to outright theft. Effective managers follow best practices in all areas, starting with correct inventory and order practices to avoid ordering too much -- yet not running out of key products components. Once received, perishable products must be stored correctly to ensure that food remains usable. When it comes to serving meals or snacks, efficient operators avoid giving away profits in the form of free food or incorrect portions.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Changing Roles of Electrical Contractors in the UK and Worldwide

The past decade has seen enormous growth in the UK as well as the world. This has created many opportunities as well as posing many problems for electrical contractors. Many of the developments of the last decade have been common across the world but some have posed specific challenges to more developed countries such as the UK. In the last few years the changes have been even more significant and posed a different set of challenges along with new opportunities.

Even before concerns about energy costs and environmental effects the practicality of infrastructural expansions in a developed country like the UK has required efficiency and effective optimisation of resources. These are qualities electrical contractors in the UK have been quick to adapt to. Space has been at a premium in the UK for a long time, particularly in its cities which are some of the most populated in Europe.