Friday, 15 July 2011

How To Get Quality IT Leads

Quality is in the eye of the beholder. Different companies view the idea of quality leads differently. This is also the same with qualifying IT leads. Qualifying means searching for leads who are likely to become your clients - this means that they need what you sell to fix IT problems at some point.

Marketers need to identify what is a quality lead in order to continuously fuel sales pipeline. In order to achieve this, there needs to be a clear definition of what is a high quality lead for companies that need IT lead generation. It is a total waste of time to gather leads that are largely not going to buy, you need to qualify first in order to make a sale.

How to get quality IT leads?

Develop concrete definition of a quality lead- One of the biggest challenge for companies is to define a quality lead. When does a prospect become a lead? Most marketers will say that a lead is qualified if they are ready to talk to a salesperson and has a need for it. To better achieve sales effectiveness, salespeople needs to have a more granular definition of how a prospect becomes an actual lead that they can work on.

Collect detailed information-Whether you have a telemarketing company or generating your own leads you need to get the detailed information about each prospect. Whoever's collecting information needs to get additional information with every interaction. When you have a detailed history such as what interested the prospect about the offered IT solutions, you'll have greater chances of closing a sale because you know how to help them.

Tag each call- Save every bit of important information about your customers or prospects. If you record what their objections are and which services they already have, you can immediately see those details in the future. This gives you the advantage of offering a compelling service that they really need.

Nurture leads- This is one of the easiest things marketers can do to get qualified leads, some prospects may not be ready to buy yet. But nurturing them over time will eventually move them through the sales cycle until they're ready to purchase. Finding a telemarketing company that guides customers through different selling processes allows businesses such as yours to get more qualified customers.

Measure everything you do- Before effectively measuring results, you first have to decide what you really want to measure and why. Then you can immediately get the right information and determine which could give you a higher return on investment. This also gives you the opportunity to focus on the prospects that will increase your sales.

Identify prospects' need to buy- Buyers seek services only once they are willing and ready to manage the change within the company. The very first thing prospects seek is the need, until they see the need for these services you are spinning wheels calling companies who are not ready to make a decision. Guiding companies in there buying process leads you to sequentially get a qualified IT lead. With qualified leads it will translate to easier means of acquiring new customers to keep your business running. Find a reputable IT telemarketing company that can deliver the number of leads in your pipeline, contact them now and get all the benefits it would give your business.

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