Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Modern Challenges for Haulage Companies

In this age of economic downturn, haulage companies are facing more challenges than ever before in their quest to stay viable in the coming years. However, the companies are rising to the challenge, with plenty of new initiatives going ahead to ensure that goods can still be delivered, drivers are treated with respect and kept safe while they work, and that costs are kept low so that firms can remain operating. There have been a few different examples in the media recently highlighting the struggle that companies face, and the ways they've risen to the challenge, as well. Read on to find out a little more about them.

Driver Training

Training new drivers has been a priority in recent times, and is always a wise move to ensure that a fleet of vehicles is operating at peak efficiency. When faced with a choice between saving on costs and making sure that drivers are fully prepared for work, many haulage companies are opting to make sure their drivers are trained - such as in the case of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, required in the EU since 2009. Although it is an investment in time and people, firms realise that by teaching their employees well, they prevent difficult problems down the line that might arise from ill-prepared drivers making mistakes. Prevention is better than cure is the common wisdom in the haulage industry, and this is becoming increasingly evident in the standard of drivers that are being produced.

Fuel Duty

Although rising fuel prices have been a concern of many in the industry, threatening smaller haulage companies, many others have shown resilience in the face of the economic troubles, and been able to continue operating. There has been a swell of support for the companies as well - recently, members of parliament have urged government ministers to scrap planned increases in fuel duty, haulage companies to continue operating without the added pressure of more costs heaped on them.

Finding a New Way Round

One interesting challenge for haulage companies was the effort needed to find alternative routes around Stonehenge. Although the mythical monument is a British icon, fleet drivers will need to find alternative routes in Wiltshire when roads around Stonehenge are closed in order to reduce congestion in the area. Although the planned closures will necessitate seeking out new routes, the companies have shown a willingness to adapt and plot out new courses in order to help reduce the pressure on traffic around the iconic standing stones.

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